Getting to the point of real estate projects. Or more accurately: to the second decimal place.

acht+ is an independent consultancy office for the real estate industry. We review transaction projects, act as general planners, manage building projects and implement improvements in existing fabric. At the sensitive interface between securing economic and technical results, we count on personal contact, a high degree of flexibility and the ability to react swiftly. That said, the requirement for speed does not remove the need to pay very close attention to accuracy. Quite the opposite applies, as we consider precise facts to be the foundation of all dependable planning.

Real estate services from Berlin. Interdisciplinary and nationwide.

acht+ covers a wide spectrum of skills in-house and is therefore ideally placed to provide comprehensive advisory services from a single source. This enables multi-layered tasks to be assessed effectively from all viewpoints and provides for the development of sustainable solutions without undue red tape. Our head office is in the heart of Berlin; our projects are all over the country; our clients are all across the globe. These include investors from the financial and construction sectors, communal and private housing associations, project developers and portfolio managers.

Custom-tailored advisory services through a multi-layered approach.

acht+ is also a dynamically growing and multifaceted team. Fully in keeping with its head office location at Checkpoint Charlie, we combine an international viewpoint with the honest bluntness of Berlin, and many years of experience with the ideas and visions of the young generation. Construction engineers and architects join together with commercial and legal experts to ensure that project goals are met; and nobody leaves a problem unattended to just because it is not their own. Many of us have been working together for a very long time. As a result, our clients benefit from well-practised processes and effective decision-making.

Outstanding expertise, nice people. Very direct and always expedient.


acht+ combines long-standing experience and forward-looking expertise.

Axel Funke and Oliver Mai stand for, and will always stand behind, acht+. Besides many years of industry experience in senior positions, the two founders form the perfect basis for putting the integrated company model into practice. Mr. Funke has wide-ranging skills in the strategic assessment of development and transaction projects; Mr. Mai contributes enormous know-how in the fields of project management and systemic advisory services. Together they are your contacts for everything from fundamental questions right through to the handover of keys. We look forward to hearing from you.


National and international clients. Projects of every size.

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  • Deutsche Fonds Holding
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  • Immobilienkompetenzteam Otto GmbH
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