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General planning by acht+

acht+ gives its clients professional security and considerably relieves their burden at operative level. We assume overall responsibility for all relevant service providers, reduce error sources and identify untapped potential, also during the ongoing project. We also take it easy on the storage capacity of your smartphone – for there is only one number you need to gain a transparent insight into the status of your project.

  • Optimal project control
  • Considerable operative relief
  • Reduction of liability risk
  • Maximum transparency

As general planner, acht+ assumes extensive client and management duties, as well as the responsibility for all architectural and engineering services according to HOAI. We act as your central contact, select and coordinate specialist designers and other subcontractors, in accordance with the specified project goals. In this way, coordination activities are more efficient and information paths are shorter; multi-layered projects, in particular, benefit greatly from the streamlined planning processes, closer time schedule coordination and greater transparency.

Dependable content; relieving the everyday burden; personally on the spot at all times.

acht+ as the central contact for successful general planning.

Short paths between in-house specialist design engineers and reliable service providers are a trademark feature of general planning by acht+. Our customers are served by an expert and flexible contact partner, who coordinates the overall project and efficiently prepares the bases for your decision-making. In this regard, where required, our scope of services extends from conceptual advisory services, right up to the handover of keys; draft, approvals and construction design services go hand-in-hand with construction management on site. This facilitates smooth and friction-free management in all phases and provides an interdisciplinary viewpoint, thereby revealing the setscrews needed for continual optimisation.


With the integrated treatment of HOAI performance stages 1–3 and the appropriate control of specialist design engineers, acht+ creates an overall concept and defines quality demands. Building on the findings of the basic investigations and preliminary design studies, we develop and examine concept variants in the draft design stage, draw up cost estimates and reflect the knowledge gained back into the strategic considerations in order to maximise building optimisation. At the end of the process, there is a solid design concept that takes into full account the special requirements applicable to the realisation of new construction and remodelling works.


True certainty emerges when a building permit is granted for the agreed and coordinated design. In order to reach this point in the most efficient way possible, we commence dialogue with the relevant building control authorities at the earliest possible point of HOAI stage 4 and maintain this communication throughout. This ensures that public authority uncertainties are prevented, specialist design team members are efficiently coordinated and documents are compiled in the building permit application as required. Apart from the fundamentally required documents and application forms, these include specifically required certificates related to, e.g. structural engineering, fire protection measures and thermal insulation or, in the case of alterations or extension works, with regard to nature or heritage preservation orders.


Prior to calling for tender bids, acht+ specifies and details all aspects of the draft design. From the architectural side, construction and fit-out plans are drawn up in HOAI stage 5; our construction engineers assume responsibility for structural, formwork and reinforcement plans. Proven and trusted partners contribute with further design works, e.g. for electrical installations and heating, ventilation and sanitary services. The final set of plans forms the basis for your construction clearance; defining the dimensions and materials, and setting specifications for quality standards and characteristics or processing guidelines. A precise schedule of quantities facilitates accurate tender procedures and simplifies the monitoring of costs.


The sector is already working to capacity. This makes it all the more important to have good knowledge of the market and that tender procedures are professionally prepared in a time and cost framework, which is also realistic for service providers. In line with HOAI performance stages 6–7, our work begins with time schedule planning for the contract placement phase. We draw up performance specifications and bills of quantities; draw up corresponding cost frameworks and prepare contract placement documents.


As general planners, we can also assume extensive client duties in the execution phase. In this regard, construction supervision works according to HOAI stage 8 are conducted by experienced site engineers in the construction management team, supported by specialist engineers for specific individual trades. As the leaders of the construction process, we ensure that all works are executed on time and to the required quality standards and costs. We coordinate subcontractors; take responsibility for project accounting, the management of changes, and the tracking of warranty entitlements and defect rectification works. In addition, we represent the client in the fulfilment of legal duties and public authority requirements.