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Project management by acht+

acht+ brings structure into complex construction projects and ensures that they are completed on time, within budget and to the contractually-agreed quality standards. We assume the leadership function vis-à-vis all involved parties and an agreed scope of decision-making responsibility in the project. As a dependable and highly experienced provider, you can be assured that we will always back your interests.

  • Expert representation of interests
  • Efficient project execution
  • Transparent reporting
  • Tangible cost-to-benefit effect

In its project management services, acht+ provides capacity and expertise through the assumption of all delegable client duties. Protecting all interests of our clients is our central aim. We structure processes in such a way that the project objectives are met and can be surpassed. In addition to ongoing advisory services, the central focus of our work is the organisation and supervision of all involved project parties, and the assumption of central reporting duties. In this regard, our professional views extends beyond the immediate tasks, in order to optimise the ongoing development and, in doing so, to achieve notable pecuniary benefits.

Superior management of the four essential project factors: time, costs, quality and organisation.

So that everything develops according to plan: competent coordination from preparation to project completion.

Generally speaking, deviations from the target specifications will occur no even with the highest quality planning. Here, acht+ competently assesses the causes and potential effects. The prevention of delays and additional costs is the primary concern – the right decisions must be made; and they must be made quickly. On the one hand, this demands that one is in control of the entire life-cycle of a property and, on the other, close enough to the prevailing market situation to make the right investments at the right time. In this respect, we view the synergy in economic and technical treatment as the key to success. For swift and sure action with a view to long-term added value, we establish mechanisms for the continual supervision and assessment of construction progress, and step in whenever the objectives are at risk.


The organisation of structures and processes is a central pillar of project management. On the one hand, what counts here is that the involved parties and their duties are clearly recognised. On the other hand, interfaces between the parties must be unambiguously defined. acht+ develops customised organisational specifications, draws up structural planning and establishes methods for ongoing exchange of information, reporting and protocol documentation. We bring about the issue of official approvals and ensure the implementation of decisions in clearance, change and risk management, right up to the commissioning of the project.


There is very often a great deal of scope for improvement of the plausibility of requirements planning and the findings of basic investigations. acht+ consolidates the planning services for the partial areas and adjusts these under consideration of strategic questions related to the location and use. We assume responsibility for the evaluation of tender bids and make recommendations for contract placement. During the ongoing process, we analyse the conformity of design performance and construction works and coordinate the adjustments to be made, if project objectives are at risk – right the way through to evidence gathering processes and the assertion of defect warranty entitlements within the legal limitation periods.


The more precisely partial assignment orders are defined, the more cost management becomes a strategic control instrument. Because, if the content and timing of contract-bound bills of quantities are nailed down in detail, any deviations from agreed targets can be recognised and corrected more quickly. Accordingly, we set interlinked performance and cost frameworks, review and correct tender bids, assume acceptance of the works, check invoices and clear these for corresponding payment. Our portfolio also includes involvement in the planning of funding requirements and cash-flows.


Location factors and fixed framework conditions play a weighty role in the timely execution of construction projects: the completion of works at the relevant time must be possible from a viewpoint of both logistics and capacity. Based on this premise, acht+ takes responsibility for the production and updating of the framework time-schedule, as well as the clearance of corresponding processes to be executed by design and construction parties. The progress of the works is constantly analysed for compliance with preset targets and construction supervision measures are established to ensure handover and commissioning within the specified timeframe.


acht+ contributes to the production of a contract structure for the overall project. We also prepare and coordinate contracts with design team parties. In addition, our scope of services includes the structuring of contract placement procedures, as well as support in contract design, during negotiations and contract placements in relation to time schedules and deadlines. We provide support in the assertion of contract obligations, in defending against third-party contract claims, check contract addendums and contractual commissioning. In relation to insurance concepts, we are at hand to make appropriate recommendations.