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Technical advisory services by acht+

acht+ improves the technical performance and, in doing so, the economic efficiency of your real estate holdings. We provide advisory services at portfolio level and at strategic property level, and support your asset and property management in the event of unforeseen problems. For optimised planning in project development; greater returns in the management phase, and strong arguments during the course of marketing.

  • ​Objective analysis of status quo and objectives
  • Strategic and operative property management
  • Constant monitoring and controlling
  • Short-notice advisory services in special cases

acht+ stands for the sustained safeguarding of returns by means of advisory services specifically aimed at improving the profitability of properties and portfolios. We establish valid bases; develop technically and economically-coordinated maintenance concepts, and manage the implementation of value-creating measures. Clients benefit from our expertise in the upkeep of portfolios, their modification to meet new market demands within the framework of redevelopment projects, and as conflict managers in the event of disputes.

Both short-notice and long-term support in the management of property holdings.

Strategic value enhancement through the optimisation and processes and interfaces.

acht+ offers a wide spectrum of skills and provides advisory services in all phases of the real estate life-cycle. We speak the same language as the main players and are familiar with the standpoints of the individual disciplines. This makes us a suitable strategic partner for the control and optimisation of performance profiles and interfaces, particularly in the field of operative administration. In addition, we are sensitive conflict mediators and service providers in the assertion of claims against third parties, such as, e.g. warranty entitlements or tenant-side maintenance duties. You can also appoint us to provide professional support in disputes, or as part of court hearings and insolvency proceedings.


Valid input and expenditure planning is a prerequisite of future-proof and economically meaningful refurbishment, revitalisation or expansion measures. acht+ supplies reliable data and documentation for structural technical and defensive fire protection measures. We draw up comparisons between the current condition and building control requirements and substantiate the provisions made to safeguard existing standards. In the field of portfolio optimisation, we set our focus on revitalisation and expansion, as well as the stabilisation of structures.


The effective service life of buildings and building equipment is dictated by numerous factors. The right time to carry out modernisation measures is also greatly influenced by, among others, new technologies, changes in laws or simple changes of use. Based on the complete documentation and inspections of the affected properties, the experts from acht+ assess both the required and meaningful measures, as well as their associated costs. We deliver refurbishment recommendations and give advice regarding the priorities to set in their implementation.


Whether as part of a transaction or in order to provide a sound assessment of potential remodelling and extension measures, acht+ analyses economic and technical risks. Under the premises of profitability, value security and liquidity, we assess the condition, the market value and the opportunities and risks of the proposals, and also identify the income and utilisation potential, as well as any modifications which are required to improve sustainability. Comprehensive reports and, where required, professional surveys provide our clients with valid bases for argumentation and decision-making.