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Technical Due Diligence by acht+

acht+ provides you with hard facts for negotiations and contracts, for short-term value enhancement and lasting added value. In our reports, we link technical and commercial, constructional and real estate-related aspects to form a dependable basis for decision-making. We are happy to augment our entirely objective judgement with a completely subjective opinion. Because good decisions mature as a combination of logic and gut instinct.

  • Improved quality of decision
  • Holistic consideration
  • Transparent documentation
  • Scalable project methodology

acht+ helps clients to gain a comprehensive overall view of the quality of transaction projects in the real estate industry. We analyse whether the documentation matches the true technical condition; identify the required repair measures; assess the potential of the location, its exploitation and utilisation. Besides these core elements of the technical due diligence review, we offer an expended spectrum of services, spanning from the examination of files, through the establishment of data rooms, all the way to involvement in the contract design.

The perfect data basis for marketable utilisation concepts.

Systematic real estate review by the TDD experts from acht+.

With the technical building review, our clients are provided with a building and operating cost-specific yield analysis, together with recommendations for action and cost scenarios. To ensure greater efficiency in the project, we offer a multi-stage process: from the compact initial assessment up to complex specialised investigation. To begin with, a quick-check review provides for a swift initial assessment. If this is positive, any established defects are evaluated in detail and recommendations for their rectification are developed. In addition, acht+ draws up comprehensive expert reports as the basis for argumentation for buyers or sellers, and for use within the framework of legal disputes.


The right acquisition at the right price: besides hard facts regarding the technical sustainability of the investment, advisory services to buyers also deal with the question of how the new portfolio or property fits into the buyer’s strategic and operative objectives. The strengths and weaknesses, as well as the initial situation on the seller’s side also play a role in our considerations.


Our sell-side advisory services are focused on optimal preparation and targeted maximisation of the purchase price within the framework of strategically-planned or commercially-necessary asset deals. We document the current technical status of the asset as the basis for negotiations and recommend meaningful short-term measures to achieve income-relevant value enhancement. In this connection, we also produce a forward-looking assessment of foreseeable buyer-side criteria, together with corresponding lines of argumentation.


As regulations become ever more stringent, the illumination of environmental aspects no longer only plays a role in the investigation of industrially-used properties. We deliver information related to inherited contamination burdens, hazardous building substances as well as damage suffered by building fabric as a result of pests and parasites, and assess the data gained on the basis of current and planned legislation. Demand-oriented investigations are carried out with respect to environmental risks and regulations (procurement of information, detailed survey, quantification).